Prescription collection in Chelmsford, Essex

Allow Gemini Support to take the stress out of prescription collection and delivery in Chelmsford and surrounding areas in Essex. Making life easier for you and your family. No more going to the chemist or pharmacy to collect your medication.

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Prescription collection that operates locally

Remove the cost and time to travel to the chemist or pharmacy and waiting around for your medication to be dispensed. Gemini Support operates from locations throughout Essex, providing a local service.

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Prescription collection that is accommodating

Delivering across Essex providing we have your consent, or if it needs delivering to a work address or a relative or neighbour. Being as accommodating as possible whilst ensuring that your deliveries are made at a time and day that is convenient.

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Prescription collection that is always in contact

We will always contact you prior to the scheduled delivery date to confirm the date and time are suitable for you. We will also ask for the number of items expected and ask if any additional items are required.

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Prescription collection that is accurate

Making an accurate check for you before each delivery will be in line with your agreement you have with the pharmacy or chemist. Providing us with this information when we call will make sure collections remain accurate.


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